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Hentschel stands for excellence in dental technology and with a young, dynamic and highly qualified team we are a modern, innovative and customer-oriented service provider.

Since founding the company in 2002, the staff of our master craftsman workshop has grown constantly from its initial three to the present twelve. Professionalism, expertise and first-class service are cornerstones of our work – as well as the precondition for satisfied customers.

Our knowledge is not limited to technology, rather it extends to the fields of dental medicine. In addition to the highest quality and precision guaranteed by the long-term experience of a master dental technician and the continuous further education staff, reliability and flexibility are our topmost priorities. This is particularly characterised by our punctual delivery of goods and helpful technical support, but also in our contacts with customers, which often calls for a lively exchange.

Third teeth are a work of art in every detail – both functional and aesthetic. Our precise craftsmanship guarantees they last a long time. Every piece made is unique, resulting in a radiantly smiling customer.

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